The Healing Properties of Hemp

No Prescriptions Required

We know your body is your temple.
That's why you will never find chemicals, synthetics or artificial additives in any of our family of products.

Using only naturally derived terpenes, our distillates are independently tested and crafted with care, the way nature intended.

Furry friends can also rest assured!
XO family products are never tested on animals.


Clean Green and Powerful. Check out our commitment to the environment and our commitment to you.



Formulated from age old holistic recipies that are tried and true, with the additional power of Clean Green CBD.


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Are you looking to partner with green company? Or perhaps you would just like a natural consumer minded eco friendly product to provide your customers? We understand and here to help you grow. Please fill out our inquiry form and we will get you all the paperwork you need to have the confidence you want in your CBD product. “It’s All About The Love”


With a deep respect for the plant and an intricate grasp of its vast and unique medicinal qualities, our team crafts each extraction with the utmost respect and integrity for YOU and the PLANET!


Premium Broad Spectrum Distillate and ORGANIC coconut oil, simple, natural, powerful







Old world holistic recipe utilizing the power of organic ginger, organic cayenne, organic turmeric, and all-natural CBD distillate. Just the way nature intended.






Meet the XO Family

XO started with a biochemist who formerly conducted environmental research under NASA funding. Our goal is to form an industry that heals the people and the planet. But we can’t do it alone, and we welcome you to the family with open hearts.

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Working hand-in-hand towards wellness and healing.

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the company
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Change yourself, Change the world
In a world with so much chaos, we could all use a little peace.
Slow it down, take a deep breath;
the XO Family has your back.

Change starts with all of us.
A better product, a better you, a better planet!


A better product
A better planet, a better you

It's All About The Love

Simple natural and organic ingredients designed with your health in mind. Since the beginning, XO has always crafted its concentrate from holistic, natural, ingredients while minimizing our carbon footprint. In a world where everyone is capitalizing on the CBD craze it's good to know there is a company that operates with honor and integrity.

Check out our products to help spread the peace, love, and happiness into your community

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Frequently asked about CBD

What is CBD?

The abbreviation “CBD” stands for Cannabidiol. It is derived from the hemp of marijuana plants and is the most critical cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. However, it must be emphasized that CBD, in contrast to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), has no psychoactive effect on the human brain. READ MORE

How long will CBD work for you?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered on a flat-rate basis. Because just as with alcohol, for example, CBD works a little differently for every person. Depending on the physique and stature, the active ingredient spreads faster or slower in the organism. Also, the duration of action also depends on the type of intake, the quality, and the dosage. However, a span of about 4-8 hours can be specified, in which the Cannabidiol acts.READ MORE

How does CBD work?

In the body, CBD acts as a catalyst. It optimizes the natural response to pain, but also to anxiety and anxiety. Lets be clear: CBD does not eliminate or prevent pain and anxiety, but it acts on the nervous system to reduce the impact of both. This is by sending signals that, in essence, tell the body not to care and to go about its business.READ MORE