What is CBD?

The abbreviation “CBD” stands for Cannabidiol. It is derived from the hemp of marijuana plants and is the most critical cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. However, it must be emphasized that CBD, in contrast to THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), has no psychoactive effect on the human brain.

CBD helps maintain various psychological processes by interacting with the receptors in the nervous system and the immune system. Besides, the body itself produces cannabinoids as part of the functions of the endocannabinoid system.

CBD differs in many aspects from THC, and researchers claim that it also helps to control the damage that THC could do to the human brain and body. In this sense, CBD could help counter paranoia or anxiety. Therefore, THC that have a constant ratio of CBD strains is a good option for the consumption of marijuana. CBD regulates the effect of THC on body and mind.

CBD Extraction process

A gentle and cautious extraction process guarantees the highest quality of CBD-rich oil. The extraction method most often used is the solvent method. The substances of the hemp plant are dissolved with the aid of a suitable solvent: its components are separated and isolated in this way. Toxic solvents like butane, hexane, propane, and hydrocarbons should not be used in the production of CBD oil. The three typical extraction methods to obtain CBD oil are CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction (alcohol), and oil extraction.

How long will CBD work for you?

Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered on a flat-rate basis. Because just as with alcohol, for example, CBD works a little differently for every person. Depending on the physique and stature, the active ingredient spreads faster or slower in the organism. Also, the duration of action also depends on the type of intake, the quality, and the dosage. However, a span of about 4-8 hours can be specified, in which the Cannabidiol acts.

Is it possible to become “high” by consuming CBD?

No. You will not be intoxicated by taking CBD. The effect is, therefore, not comparable to that of cannabis. This is because there is no or too little THC in CBD oil. This substance affects the psyche of man and is responsible for the fact that one is “high” when using marijuana.

How does CBD work?

In the body, CBD acts as a catalyst. It optimizes the natural response to pain, but also to anxiety and anxiety. Lets be clear: CBD does not eliminate or prevent pain and anxiety, but it acts on the nervous system to reduce the impact of both. This is by sending signals that, in essence, tell the body not to care and to go about its business.

This substance is all the more effective as it functions as an extension of the natural defenses of our nervous system. If the cannabinoids make an impact, it is because the human body has the appropriate receptors and produces itself a kind of natural THC, in very limited concentrations. We speak of & “CB1” (mainly present in the brain and the central nervous system) and “CB2” (mainly located in the peripheral organs and in the cells linked to the functioning of the immune system).

These receptors “fix” molecules of THC, but also those of CBD, more indirectly. The latter also interacts with other receptors in the body, which reinforces its medical properties.

Is the CBD legal?

The US Farm Bill has now passed a law. The US Farm Bill is the US federal governments main agricultural and food policy tool. From now on, American farmers can grow and harvest hemp because hemp is now an agricultural product.

“The era of hemp prohibition is over” said Jonathan Miller, advocate for a lobby coalition of over 60 hemp companies, the US Hemp Roundtable, to the press.

The amendment is also important for scientists, as the previous drug laws discouraged them from studying hemp.

How do you consume CBD?

There are many ways to consume CBD, but the most effective are those that go through natural ways - because CBD is considered a dietary supplement.

What are the most common methods?

In the form of oil, this is absorbed by means of a drip. Just add a few drops to a food or drink, or simply place the pipette under the tongue for a faster effect.

In paste form, absorbed with food or alone.

Capsules, usually gelatin, each containing a fixed dose of CBD paste. Like medicine, the capsule dissolves in the stomach. This dosage allows easy absorption of CBD, for example, at work or on the move. In the form of chewing gum, a method appreciated because it is both simple and practical. CBD paste (fixed dose) is mixed with natural ingredients for a very discreet dosage.

In the form of e-liquid, used in an electronic cigarette. Absorbed by the lungs, CBD passes very quickly in the blood (faster than in the case of ingestion).

In the form of cosmetic products, to be applied to the skin. CBD is mainly used in this way to treat localized disorders (joint pain, acne, skin diseases, etc.), in addition to conventional products.

It’s up to everyone to choose the most effective and enjoyable dosage.

Is CBD covered by health insurance?

Since CBD is considered to be a dietary supplement, not a medicine, the answer is no. Neither the health insurance nor the mutuals support the CBD. On this point, who knows? Things may have to change someday.

In the meantime, Cannabidiol is not a medicine and cannot be qualified as such. If you buy CBD in any form, you will never find the word “medicine” At least not for now!

Is CBD the equivalent of a medicine?

CBD is considered a dietary supplement. Cannabidiol is therefore not a medicine and cannot be qualified as such. If you buy CBD in any form, you will never find the word "drug" or "drug treatment."

When you search “CBD Oil” on Google, instantly you will find thousands of CBD companies, and products that are ready to be sold, with just a single click of the mouse.

But how do you know which CBD product to stock. Are you just supposed to take a chance on a CBD company, spend your money buying a product or ingredient, and be assured that you made the right choice?

How to find a trustworthy CBD Company

You may blindly decide to order from the first CBD company you discovered, but you’re likely to encounter some certain problems if you don’t do adequate research. It might be the challenge of finding the appropriate priced products or ingredients and to verify the, safety and quality of the CBD supplier.

The CBD market price is controlled in many different ways, so you may find the same CBD products sold by different companies for a very different prices. Most people buying CBD for the first-time are not able to choose an appropriate price for CBD products due to the huge price range, Therefore many end up buying a product that might not be good as described.

Also, most CBD company claims they have a top-quality CBD products...but what does top-quality even mean to us? And What does top quality really look like? The Fact is, there are many CBD companies that can’t even verify the quality of the products they are selling because they didn’t invest adequate time and resources to find the right suppliers, farmers and laboratories to test the quality of their products and safe it is. If the company don’t understand how quality their products is, how is the buyer supposed to understand?

Whenever you are about to select a CBD company, be sure to review their website and also their marketing materials to make sure they are approved by the FDA. CBD manufacturers are not allowed to make any health claims about CBD or the ingredients used in the production of the products. Make sure the Companies do not violate any FDA regulations. These regulations are very important because they safely protect the consumer by making sure companies do not make false promises about their products. Saying CBD cures “this” or treats “that” is very dangerous to customers because they may not follow the advice of a trained medical professional due to the persuasive advertising from the CBD company.

Lastly, it’s important to select a company that shows complete transparency and gives quality assurance. As I said earlier, it might be very difficult to know which CBD companies produce high-quality CBD products. Make sure you search for companies that share third-party lab tests for their products, and make sure these tests include possible contaminants like heavy metals, yeast, mold, pesticide, and also report on potency.