XO Family

Patrick Griffith

Director of Operations

Coming from rural household and environmental research background I have a strong affinity towards taking care of this planet. I want to take emerging companies and make them carbon negative while simultaneously producing products that healthy and beneficial towards the people who use them.

Another important aspect in the evolution of the cannabis market has been the people who fought and bled blood, sweat, and tears for us to get where we are. I personally know a multitude of people who have had their homes seized, money stolen, and imprisoned for long periods of time. The interesting thing about these people is that most of them did it for the love. They grew great organic weed to spread through our communities. Its as if they had always known that they were healing the people whom bought their sacred herbs. With the rise of corporate take overs comes a vast amount of foreign entities exploiting this sacred herb for profits and in the process they do not take into account what is actually best for the people whom medicate and recreate their products.

My vision would be to see all the mom and pops who sacrificed everything to get here succeed I would like to see this industry grow and thrive as nurturing part of humanity as opposed to it being just another profit motivated corrupt market.

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If we can heal each other we can heal the world.

Cole Berger

Director of Production

With 15 years of experience in the food manufacturing industry, Cole has a great understanding of Food Safety practices. He is proud to be part of the XoCBD team and strives to increase product quality, consistency and safety on a daily basis.

His industry goals include ending Cannabis Prohibition entirely, obtaining a Level III SQF Certification, providing a full line of Organic Products and implementing a nation-wide comprehensive recycling program. His personal as well as professional endeavors are to always operate with honesty, integrity, compassion and quality. Spending a lifetime supervising a family run start-up has instilled in him the deep gratitude and work ethic required to sustain quality entrepreneurship. From big idea implementation to small production line management, his passion for innovation and attention to detail are utilized through a bottom-up management style.

We produce these products with Love, that means we take the extra steps to ensure safety, consistency and quality.

Mac Weinberg

Director of Sales

Mac is Director of Sales for XO, where Mac develops sales leaders to expand XO footprint, and bring CBD oils to our customers.

Mac comes to us as a Regional Operations Manager where he was responsible for the start-up of satellite offices, recruiting staff and building client base. His exemplary customer skills allowed him to reach benchmarks in record time. Award winning sales and management professional respected for driving growth while building strong teams, reducing costs, and delivering bottom line result.

Mac is a certified scuba instructor, and enjoys spending time on the range.

So excited to be a part of the team, more like family at XO. Looking forward to getting back to my roots, where values are appreciated, and your opinions matter.