Keeping the Planet Clean

Low Carbon Footprint

At XO we go the extra mile to ensure our carbon foot print is a small as possible. With your help we believe that our carbon footprint can be negative by the end of the year. A portion of our profits go into verified programs to rebuild the worlds forests and natural ecosystems. (We are still selecting a company to buy carbon tracking software from I think we should have that available in the next two weeks I would like to show that data unless you believe I’m going to deep; as a scientist I have a tendency to over-complicate things)

XO has searched through may cities to find a suitable home. The decision to establish our headquarters and main manufacturing facilities in Shasta Lake California was no accident. Shasta Lake city is a vibrant town dedicated to sustainability. Our main focus the power grid ( a large portion of our carbon footprint) is a mix of new clean technologies with a large portion being generated through the hydroelectric dam. You can view our energy sourcing here. We look forward to having our own solar field in the near future in order to be 100% carbon free for our electrical requirements.

Chemical and Pesticides Free

Organic Alcohol

XO uses certified ecofriendly Organic Alcohol through Alchemical Solutions (The Organic Alcohol Company), Verified Hemp grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. We would love to tell you that’s its organic but the FDA has just started issuing Organic cert for Hemp. So look for our Organic stamp in the near future. And that’s all we use to make our CBD Broad Spectrum Distillate. XO only uses natural ingredients that are certified Organic which includes Herbs, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Terpenes, and more. Check for the organic mark on the label.

Doing Our Best to Reduce Waste

Compostable Packaging

XO goes the extra mile spending up to fives times the original cost on all of our packaging. This is the path we chose to walk. We support two small local business in Oregon and Colorado who provide us with 100% compostable hemp cardboard packaging w/soy based inks, bottles made with Ocean Recycled Plastics and Glass, and hemp based plastics. These companies are also reducing their carbon footprints, leading us to one of the most sustainable packaging programs currently possible.

When your package arrives at your door we hope you noticed that it was shipped in a recycled cardboard box from eco-enclose. We encourage you walk this path us and recycle or compost your packaging. (Note: In the near future we are going to have a planet loyalty rewards program where people can send us their packaging to be recycled through our company bulk recycling program for a zero consumer waste product; there’s a lot that goes behind this program as far as its advantages in recycling efficiency by us doing it we can ensure that 100% of our materials are recycled as opposed to when you throw something in a recycling bin only about 40% of that is actually recycled due to contaminating oils, water, bacteria, food residue etc. damn I just over-complicated that again didn’t I.)